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The Clubman Plus Class is our new third tier, the drivers in this class are considered to be either new to karting but have shown some good race-craft or they are just slightly off the pace of the higher tiers due to weight or ability and experience. These drivers are not considered novice and can be consistent with some good pace.

The following drivers will take part in Clubman + this season

Demetri Orros 

Matthew Barrowdale 

Jake Connellan

Adam Beaumont

Nathan Parker

Marcus Simmons 

Martin Russell

Robert Garrood 

Kieran Odonnell

Rusty Clarke 

Stephen Farley 

Ben Riches

Oliver Thurkettle

Ash West 

Ben Salmon 

Will Sochen 

Nathaniel Lawns

Lena Galo

Ben Paines

Matthew Spragg

Alex Bridger

Jason Kirkham 

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