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We will run to the individual rules system of each track we visit.



Payment deadline is the 28th (14th for weekend rounds) of the month before each round.
£65 per round for Midweek series & £65 for our Weekend series. 
Once payment has been received, drivers will have 48 hours to pull out and still receive a full refund, after this all payments are non refundable or transferable.

Format -

- 5/10 min warm up depending on venue.
- gridding up based on championship order reversed.
- Drivers paying after the deadline will start from the back.
- 30min or 30 lap race for each driver.
- Each round will consist of A, B and C races. Order will be randomly selected on the Monday before each round by the wheel of fortune live on Facebook.
- Where you are in the championship will determine what race you are in.

Double points -

Each season, every driver has a wildcard double point round. the round they play it on is totally up to the driver.

If a driver competes in less then 8 rounds they will not be eligible for double points bonus. A driver can use them when they like even if they do one round, they will just lose the double points at the end of the season once less then 8 has been spotted.

We also have a driver of the night Award/Trophy at every round along with bonus points for fastest lap in each of the 4 classes. 



The points scoring system will be as follows:

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 18

5th – 17

Continuing down by 1 point until 21st – 1.


Points are the same in all finals.


Anybody finishing lower at races with more than 21 drivers will also get 1 point.


Each competitor will drop his/her worst 2 scores at the end of the championship, The best 8 from 10 rounds that will score points. In the event of a competitor completing fewer than 8 rounds the non-scoring round will be dropped. Each competitor will also get one double point round as stated above.

With Championships that have less than 10 rounds, we will have 1 drop round. 


There will be a separate championship for the ‘Overall’/Super Pro, 'pro' , Clubman + AND  clubman drivers. Drivers will be put into the class that matches the ability of the driver along with the drivers past experience. The only Class that has a minimum weight is the Super pro class, with that minimum being 75kg. Drivers may be moved after the first three round they take part in subject to results, but not after that, once the third round has taken place, all classes are locked. If you have any queries at all, please feel free to ask Clint anything you are not sure about.

YDC drivers will need to race at 65kg.

To see more about our classes, head to the classes page and see who races where. 

Other classes in Club 73 Karting 

We run a separate class for over 50's, Junior racers and brand new drivers. 

all drivers that are aged over 50 will score points in that age class and can be seen on the standings page. our Steve Bateman Cup is for all drivers that are either new to the club or raced in 50% or less of the previous season.

our Junior Championship runs at the same time and in the same races as our adult series, but at only selected tracks. please see our calendar for what rounds are youth championship rounds. 




Each race bespoke trophies will be awarded at each event. we also have awards for driver of the night. At the end of the championship after the final results have been tallied and worked out, there will be larger trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all classes along with other prizes, Super pro drivers are fighting for the overall title. 




All penalties applied during racing will be at the sole discretion of the circuit operator. Different circuits will most likely operate slightly different rule systems, and therefore be more strict or lenient with regards to penalties applied. Competitors will be informed of these during the drivers briefing at each event. *Club 73 takes no responsibility for penalties handed out by circuit operators and as always, the stewards decisions are final.*By signing up for the 2023 Club 73 Championship, competitors agree that they are familiar with at least basic flag and safety rules and agree to abide by each circuit’s individual regulations.




Competitors are permitted and encouraged to provide their own race equipment. This includes mandatory helmet, gloves, race suit and racing boots, although these items will be provided by each circuit free of charge if necessary. Competitors are encouraged to use their own equipment due to the sometimes poor quality of free rental equipment and also to promote a professional image for Club 73 in any photographic media. However, if you do not have your own equipment, by all means utilize the items provided. Also optional are; neck braces, rib protectors and wet weather over-suits.


Tracks and months 97.3%, specific dates as usual are subject to change,

To join and take part in the championship. Any queries or to book your place call Clinton on – 07976384681 or email us at

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