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Club 73 Karting is a club for kart racers that want or need to race on a budget, we are a non profit Club that organise events and championships at some of the best local outdoor kart tracks around the UK. We keep it simple and affordable and even offer prizes as well as trophies for each round and overall championships. Club 73 Karting is run by Clinton Bell, who has been working in the karting world for 20+ years, he worked at such tracks as Indikart Colchester, Kartsport Cambridge, Ryehouse , A12 Karting and is now  the Events Manager at Buckmore Park. He has been racing for over 30 years and started his karting life at corporate level and feels that he can add to the experience people get from racing without their own kart which he understands is not cheap and that not everybody can afford.

No matter your skill level, our unique class and points system will keep you competitive, but remember, Club 73 is about more then just the fantastic racing, its about our racing family and being part of something.



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