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The Clubman Class is our fourth tier, the drivers in this class are considered to be either a novice , and racing competitively for the first time, or they are drivers with experience but off the pace of the higher tiers due to weight or ability. Some of these drivers are not considered novice at all and can be very consistent and Show race craft.

The following drivers join us in this class in 2023 - 

Mark Bridges 

Dale Fairchild 

Barry Weller 

Steve Burkey 

Alan Bacon 

George Bacon 

Tim Herberts 

Amanda Tricker 

Liam Tricker 

Jason Humpreys

Robert Humpreys 

Shaun Russell 

Peter Salmon 

Jake Lucas

Brian Atkins 

Dan Webber 

Paul Puxty 

Vito Dacres

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